Monday, 18 July 2011

Been Busy Sewing!

Firstly I want to apologize for not updating my blog as I have been reenacting almost every weekend and sewing every second in between!
I'd like to announce that I have started and finnished an entire gown that I wanted to make for a very special event this year, and I refuse to take a picture of it until that event where it will be in all it's glory... I promise to put the pictures up right after the event! (End of July)
I also received a wig in the mail and I have attempted to style it... I know I have a lot more messing around to do to make it look right but I think it looks pretty cool right now. I had wanted a really curly wig to get a hedgehog style but with my current wig I had to do a poof style. My other problem is that the red I got is alot darker/brighter than I had expected so to wear this wig I have to dye my hair to match... I think I will only wear this wig in the winter time as my hair gets darker and I don't mind dying it then. Here is the picture:

Another project I started and finnished was a cap! I had a regency one that I wore around for almost 2 years and I kept putting off making an approprate one, but I finnally broke down and made one with rolled hems and all!! I really love the look it gives, it is essential to complete the 18th century look, all my pictures looked ok, but something was just not right but now with this cap I definately look the part! Here is the picture:
Just so you know my head isn't really that big lol I put a ratt on top of my head and I piled my hair on top to look like the poof hair style. I didn't really try very hard and I just pinned it together but you get the idea, pull the back over to the front and pin then the front over to the back and pin, and leave a chunk to do a barrel curl with too. If I were to do it again I would tease it, spray it, and put the ratt higher on my head but I will have to wait a little bit longer before I can move the ratt up as my hair isnt long enough to pull up that much!
Here is a picture with the cap off:

When I first started my 18th century reenacting I made a jacket and I would love for you all to see, I hacked the sleeves at the elbows as I just couldn't understand how the patterned worked. But still have a look at my very first 18th c. article of clothing. You can sorta see my regency cap under my hat. This picture was really taken to show how important the undergarmets are to the overall look of the clothing. I have my stays on ofcourse but also my hips I made earlier on this blog! "Baby got Back"!!

I made a Frock this summer for my man in his desired "Black Wool" with pewter buttons, I made this in 3 days so I still have some work to do on it like fake button holes on the cuffs and actually putting pockets in with working button holes! He has also asked me to rip it up a bit or to shoot it with a musket ball to age it and so I can patch it... but ITS TOO PRETTY!! Here is the picture:
Well I hope you liked my update and all my pictures... more to come very soon!!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New Stay!

Yay! I got my new stay from my friend Gail, she is amazing at creating these pieces of art in no time at all! I always leave this project to the professionals!!! I was so excited I had to take a picture right away and wear it around the house, so comfortable!
Tip: Order front lacing as it is so much easier for camping!
PS. I was already wearing my pirate shirt before I received the stay, not intended but awesome anyways! Honest!!
Sewing Update
Midway through a few projects at the moment, I tend to do a little on one and then move to the next etc. keeps things interesting.  I am working on my Flowered Jacket, a White Weskit, and a Brown Sleeved Weskit right now. I am mostly finished with the White Weskit, just some buttons, and button holes to be done. Oh yeah, you know I am purposely putting those suckers off.
I’ve been having some technical difficulties with the sewing machine lately, so I have been frustrated and I’ve put away my sewing this past week, and only 8 weeks until our first event! The list is still very long so I’ve got to push to get everything I want done for this season! This weekend coming up I am getting together with my girlfriends so hopefully I will get re inspired to cross off some projects of my long list.

Finnished Bum Rolls!!

First I cut out both small and large sizes. Small for camp and Large for special events... don’t forget seam allowances!
 Second, I sewed them together like a pillow leaving room for my stuffing; the old pillow I reused had shredded foam in it, which gave the rolls a more authentic look... Bonus!
 Third, I sewed the opening together and attached the twill tape (ribbon if you want to be fancy). Easy, so make some and work it Ladies!! Ps. The twill tape says yes in the picture...  just noticed that, cool!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hello again Reenacting season!

Well it’s time again to set up the tent in the back yard to air it out, to wash up all the dishes and utensils, to season the cast-iron, and to restock the “spice box”. It’s time to think back at the last event, was it a wet tear down? As your unfolding the canvas the dread sets in, “please don’t be overcome with mould!”…  “Sigh, thank the heavens!” However through the dread come all the wonderful memories as you dig through the mounds of boxes and baskets, for example finding an old Tim Horton’s cup from when you all decided to run to Timmy’s because there was no use in trying to get the kettle to boil on a wet fire pit! Ahh good times, seems that all my re-enacting memories are dealing with the wet and rain.
Reenacting spring cleaning time wasn’t something I usually did at home, however now that I have moved out I have a few of my own things that need cleaning. Luckily I only have a few things, but hopefully that will change as I desperately need some new gear. A table and two chairs would be nice, oh and trust me this is already on Gabriel’s to do list. A blanket is all well and good to sit on when you don’t have a stay on, but with one, no way! We have tried second hand stores but with very little luck. We have slowly acquired more gear these past 3 years and I don’t think we will get there for another few more years but I know we will get there.

Picture of my Tent (the grey one...)
Oh our wonderful tent… it’s aged, unique and we love it. We would never complain about how it looks as it keeps us dry and it’s nice and big for just two people to sleep in and it was free! Our tent was stored away for more than a couple years, and probably in a damp place as it is grey to black with mould in most places, but we love it despite what our lungs have to say about it. When I was in Ontario with my parents I had it good with the large Marquee that was crisp white, and all the luxury one could want while camping. When I moved away I got my camping dishes and utensils, a blanket, and my current tent. I was lucky to have received a free tent as tents are an expensive investment, and people usually don’t get to start out with one. If you’re looking at ordering a new tent this site it your best bet for pricing and good quality as I have been told: most of my fellow reenactors have bought their tents from here, but if you can’t afford a new tent just keep asking around at events and eventually one will come on the market.  
I just wanted to say thank you to all who have read my blog so far and all the blogs I follow as it has been very inspiring for me to really hunker down and get sewing. I have been able to get more sewing done since I started this blog than I have done all through the off season. Thanks so much, with your support I will get my very long to do list done!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

2011 Reenactments

1812 Reenacting Events in Ontario
April 20- May 1                  Longwoods (London)
June 3- 5                            Battle of Stoney Creek (Stoney Creek)
June 4                                1812 Encampment (Barrie)
June 18- 19                        Port Dover (Port Dover)
July 8- 10                           Crystler’s Farm (Morrisburg)
July 16- 17                         Fort George (Niagara-on-the-lake)
July 22- 24                         Wasaga Under Siege (Wasaga Beach)
July 30- 31                          Fort Malden Timeline (Amhurstburg)
Aug 6- 7                              Siege of Fort Erie (Fort Erie)
Aug 13- 14                          Williamstown Fair, 200th Ann.
Sept 3- 4                             Fairfield (Thamesville)
Sept 10-11                          Backus Mill (Port Rowan)
Oct 1- 2                               Invasion of Upper Canada (London)
                                            This is the Grand Tactical this Year!!
Dec 3                                  Historic Merchants Christmas Gathering

Rev War Reenacting Events in Nova Scotia
June 24- 26                         Kennetcook
July 1- 3                                Liverpool
July 8- 10                              Truro
July 15- 17                           Shelburne
July 29- 31                           Annapolis Royal
Aug 6- 7                                Windsor
Aug 26- 28                           Amhurst
Sept 2- 5                              Yarmouth
Sept 16- 18                          Halifax Citadel
If you are in the area when these are going on, drop in and experience it for yourself!
You might just get hooked!! If I have missed any, please let me know and I will update this post. Thanks everyone!

Men's Shirt

I thought that I had completed the shirt yesterday but unfortunately after Gabriel tried it on, there were some slight fixes to be done which I expect won’t take long to correct.
This shirt was really cheap to make as I found a white Egyptian cotton sheet for my fabric at a second hand store and I used old pewter buttons my Father made a long while back. Linen is more common for making this shirt, but cotton is also acceptable. I prefer cotton for shirts personally but either is fine.
 As soon as I make the adjustments, I will convince him to let me take pictures of the shirt being worn, and a close-up of the beautiful buttons. I am still trying to talk him into allowing me to put a ruffle at the neck opening, but it’s an easy add on later once I have changed his mind. Here’s a drawing I found online for what I am making. I will add the pictures I plan on taking later.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Something to get started!

Hello Everyone, I have been a reenactor for almost my entire life! I have a big passion for the Georgian era, and have re-enacted the War of 1812 in Ontario for my entire re-enacting career, but I moved to Nova Scotia 3 years ago and found out that 1812 re-enactment groups are nonexistent or not accessible unfortunately.  So I searched and I found that there were many Revolutionary War or French and Indian War groups! I joined a group called the 84th Highlander Regiment of Foot, a wonderful family! This year however, my boyfriend Gabriel and I have decided to create our own Local Militia group. We are small with only a few members, and most of our members are younger, but we hope that because of our younger members we can get younger people interested in history so it will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.
                Although I have been a reenactor for most of my life, I don’t know everything and I never will, history is still slowly revealing itself to us. When I look back at old pictures I can see the changes from age 4 to today, we are constantly discovering more information and that’s what makes history so interesting, there’s always something new. As for us reenactors we need to remember that for people just learning about this hobby, we need to be helpful.  As my fellow reenactors know it’s an expensive hobby, and each of us has started out with nothing and it can take years to get all the basics the only important thing is that people are showing interest and more people are trying to preserve history ,and  it’s very rewarding and fun to do! I always have thought about re-enacting as a family, we all help each other out and we grow a special bond with each other. I know in my heart that I have multiple sets of parents in my war of 1812 group that have watched me grow up and love me like their own. It’s a truly special thing!
 I have just learned how to sew these past 3 years with the little knowledge that I obtained from my mother when she tried to teach me (I’m kicking myself in the butt for not paying attention). I know I still need help but luckily my lovely girlfriends have my back when I get stuck which is most of the time, I don’t know what I would do without them, thank you ladies! Anyways, I have a huge “To Do List” of projects that I have the fabric for but not the energy, I’m sure you can relate! I’m currently finishing up Gabriel’s shirt, just some hemming to do. Then I am moving on to my “hip rolls” or bum rolls, both sound hilarious but to me are essential in creating the massive hips/bum that was so attractive during the Revolutionary War. I am almost positive I did his shirt incorrectly, but it looks like a shirt to me and it is all mainly done by hand. I am very proud of how it turned out anyways as it is the first one I have ever made and other than some pointers I figured how to put it together on my own!

I love this picture

I love this picture