Thursday, 24 March 2011

Men's Shirt

I thought that I had completed the shirt yesterday but unfortunately after Gabriel tried it on, there were some slight fixes to be done which I expect won’t take long to correct.
This shirt was really cheap to make as I found a white Egyptian cotton sheet for my fabric at a second hand store and I used old pewter buttons my Father made a long while back. Linen is more common for making this shirt, but cotton is also acceptable. I prefer cotton for shirts personally but either is fine.
 As soon as I make the adjustments, I will convince him to let me take pictures of the shirt being worn, and a close-up of the beautiful buttons. I am still trying to talk him into allowing me to put a ruffle at the neck opening, but it’s an easy add on later once I have changed his mind. Here’s a drawing I found online for what I am making. I will add the pictures I plan on taking later.

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I love this picture

I love this picture