Monday, 18 July 2011

Been Busy Sewing!

Firstly I want to apologize for not updating my blog as I have been reenacting almost every weekend and sewing every second in between!
I'd like to announce that I have started and finnished an entire gown that I wanted to make for a very special event this year, and I refuse to take a picture of it until that event where it will be in all it's glory... I promise to put the pictures up right after the event! (End of July)
I also received a wig in the mail and I have attempted to style it... I know I have a lot more messing around to do to make it look right but I think it looks pretty cool right now. I had wanted a really curly wig to get a hedgehog style but with my current wig I had to do a poof style. My other problem is that the red I got is alot darker/brighter than I had expected so to wear this wig I have to dye my hair to match... I think I will only wear this wig in the winter time as my hair gets darker and I don't mind dying it then. Here is the picture:

Another project I started and finnished was a cap! I had a regency one that I wore around for almost 2 years and I kept putting off making an approprate one, but I finnally broke down and made one with rolled hems and all!! I really love the look it gives, it is essential to complete the 18th century look, all my pictures looked ok, but something was just not right but now with this cap I definately look the part! Here is the picture:
Just so you know my head isn't really that big lol I put a ratt on top of my head and I piled my hair on top to look like the poof hair style. I didn't really try very hard and I just pinned it together but you get the idea, pull the back over to the front and pin then the front over to the back and pin, and leave a chunk to do a barrel curl with too. If I were to do it again I would tease it, spray it, and put the ratt higher on my head but I will have to wait a little bit longer before I can move the ratt up as my hair isnt long enough to pull up that much!
Here is a picture with the cap off:

When I first started my 18th century reenacting I made a jacket and I would love for you all to see, I hacked the sleeves at the elbows as I just couldn't understand how the patterned worked. But still have a look at my very first 18th c. article of clothing. You can sorta see my regency cap under my hat. This picture was really taken to show how important the undergarmets are to the overall look of the clothing. I have my stays on ofcourse but also my hips I made earlier on this blog! "Baby got Back"!!

I made a Frock this summer for my man in his desired "Black Wool" with pewter buttons, I made this in 3 days so I still have some work to do on it like fake button holes on the cuffs and actually putting pockets in with working button holes! He has also asked me to rip it up a bit or to shoot it with a musket ball to age it and so I can patch it... but ITS TOO PRETTY!! Here is the picture:
Well I hope you liked my update and all my pictures... more to come very soon!!

I love this picture

I love this picture