Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New Stay!

Yay! I got my new stay from my friend Gail, she is amazing at creating these pieces of art in no time at all! I always leave this project to the professionals!!! I was so excited I had to take a picture right away and wear it around the house, so comfortable!
Tip: Order front lacing as it is so much easier for camping!
PS. I was already wearing my pirate shirt before I received the stay, not intended but awesome anyways! Honest!!
Sewing Update
Midway through a few projects at the moment, I tend to do a little on one and then move to the next etc. keeps things interesting.  I am working on my Flowered Jacket, a White Weskit, and a Brown Sleeved Weskit right now. I am mostly finished with the White Weskit, just some buttons, and button holes to be done. Oh yeah, you know I am purposely putting those suckers off.
I’ve been having some technical difficulties with the sewing machine lately, so I have been frustrated and I’ve put away my sewing this past week, and only 8 weeks until our first event! The list is still very long so I’ve got to push to get everything I want done for this season! This weekend coming up I am getting together with my girlfriends so hopefully I will get re inspired to cross off some projects of my long list.

Finnished Bum Rolls!!

First I cut out both small and large sizes. Small for camp and Large for special events... don’t forget seam allowances!
 Second, I sewed them together like a pillow leaving room for my stuffing; the old pillow I reused had shredded foam in it, which gave the rolls a more authentic look... Bonus!
 Third, I sewed the opening together and attached the twill tape (ribbon if you want to be fancy). Easy, so make some and work it Ladies!! Ps. The twill tape says yes in the picture...  just noticed that, cool!

I love this picture

I love this picture