Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Where did I go?

Where have I been? Well my last post spoke of a special event and well some major things happend that month...
Firstly my partner and I got into a major car accident due to heavy down pour but we are ok and we walked away from it, someone was looking down on us that day and said not yet. My special event was the end of July and even after our car accident all brused and scratched up as we were we had to go as it was our favorite event of the year and it would help to get our minds off of what had happened. It was wet most of the weekend but saturday evening it let up just enough for the sunset ceremony. It had started to begin then they called me out to the center of the field. Then my boyfriend walked to me from the line and proposed to me right there infront of everyone!!! We then shot off the cannon in celebration, I like to say we started things off with a "bang"?! Hehe... so I've been planning and fretting like a mad women over girly things like weddings and such and have forgotten about my poor blog until today! Geesh sorry if I left ya hanging!! I did get many pictures of my gown that I was working on in the beautiful gardens and the weather was perfect!
I hope you enjoyed my pictures of my "special event" and that you forgive my dissapearance sometimes life just knows how to get in the way. I would like to say that I've made a white linen petticoat without the growth pleats which I wouldn't have worn because I'm to old. I have a picture of this gown with my new petticoat and my wig on at a ball at the Lord Nelson Hotel, here it is:
Cheers everyone I need to get some more pictures of things I've been working on while I was gone, but until then hopefully this fills your need in the mean time. Take care!

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I love this picture

I love this picture